Swim England membership status and official personal best times/rankings can be checked online as Swim England maintains an extensive record of all times recorded from qualifying galas

Membership status check 

1. Click here to take you to the Swim England website
2. In the Quick links on the right hand side click 'Membership check'
3. Input Swim England number if known or swimmers surname
4. if you input surname scroll down the list and click on the correct swimmer
5. The swimmers details will come up on the screen
At this point you will be able to see the status of the swimmers’ membership.

There are two ways to check personal best times.  If you have just completed the steps above, then
a) In the blue band across the top click 'rankings'
b) Click 'individual best times'
c) Select “All time
d) Input Swim England number or surname again
e) Select the relevant swimmer
At this point the swimmers personal best times are shown for long and short course, these can be printed or downloaded

Alternatively, if you don’t need to check your membership status you can skip the membership check stage and go directly to the rankings/results page by clicking here and following the rest of the steps b-e

At point B there are other drop down options allowing you to see the ranking of any swimmer in the past 12 months (or all time) to see where a swimmer sits compared to others in the county, region or on a national basis.