Gala types

We have different types of galas that we compete in and they are generally split into two different types; ones where you swim as a team competing against other teams, for an overall team result and those where you are swimming (usually still under the club name) for your individual performance record.

As a team, Flyers take part in the Crusader league and Arena league galas and there are a number of other teams who also take part.  The galas take place over a series of weekends and at each gala the teams are awarded points per 1st/2nd/3rd etc place finish and the team with the highest number of points is named as the winner of that gala.  However, the points are accumulated over the series of galas in order to identify the overall winning club at the end of the season.  There are different divisions and teams can be promoted/demoted to another division at the end of the series (in a similar way to the football leagues!)  

Open galas are ones that swimmers enter individually in order to try and achieve their fastest individual times with the ultimate aim of achieving qualification for the Cheshire County Championships, the Regional Championships or even be selected to swim in the Nationals.   Swimmers are able to choose how many (or how few!) events that they enter; some like to swim in a broad range of events and distances whereas others like to specialise and stick to one stroke and/or distance.   There is a per event entry fee applicable as set by each club hosting the Open gala which is usually between £4.00 and £7.50 per event.

Not all Open galas have an "open to all" entry criteria as some have minimum and maximum qualifying times applicable and for some galas these times have to have been officially achieved in a previous gala.  However, there are open galas where swimmers can enter without having an official time and these are a good place to start.

How will I know when to enter a gala?

For team galas the Coaching team review those who are eligible (and have the correct membership level) and an initial team availability list is posted (usually on the notice board and sent via email) for potential swimmers to indicate their availability for the gala.  From the available swimmers the Coaching team will make a further selection and details of the final team are then posted on the notice board/emailed.

Open gala details are sent to everyone via email with links to the entry forms/times/conditions.  Swimmers complete their entry form and return to the Gala Secretary along with the relevant entry fee.  

All of our planned galas are listed on the gala calendar; keep checking this on a regular basis as it will be updated with any new or changed gala details.

We encourage all swimmers to enter the galas however if you are not sure whether you are ready for galas then please talk to the Coaching team.

What Swim England membership level do I need to have to be able to compete in galas?

Club Train membership.  Swimmers are general swimming members who do not swim Arena League, do not swim Open Galas but who may swim in Deva league and Crusader league only. 

Club Compete membership. This is required for swimmers who wish to swim in the Arena League and in Open galas (Open gala Levels 3, 2 and 1) in addition to the Deva and Crusader league galas.    

Club Support Membership is for Non-swimmers such as parent helpers, committee members, members with voting rights in the club, qualified officials and others associated with the club.  

If you wish to swim in the open galas, and to be eligible for selection for the Arena League, and you do not currently have Club Compete membership please talk to our membership secretary as your membership will need to be upgraded before being able to enter the gala.