Your swimmer will need some extra kit with them for galas and we have listed some of the basics here to help our newer members be prepared for the gala and poolside.

Equipment galaPARENTS 

Parking varies by pool, at Macclesfield the parking is free
There is usually a charge for spectating/the gala programme and this varies by event, make sure you have change with you for this; its usually between £4.00-£8.00
You might wish to take a pen or highlighter with you to identify your swimmer and/or write down their times on your programme although the full results and times are posted soon after the events on the wall at the pool and then online (usually on both the hosting clubs website and the ASA individual times information page)
Please bear in mind that the spectator areas get very warm, so if even if it's arctic temps outside you need to be prepared with layers that you can remove as you will feel like you are in the Caribbean within 10 mins of being in the spectator area!

Many pools have café facilities;  Macclesfield does have one serving hot and cold food so for those attending the Junior Cheshire meet you could eat lunch there if you don't fancy a packed lunch however please be aware that it gets busy.

If you don't have a Crewe Flyers swimming cap or need a club t-shirt/hoodie please speak to us to purchase them from the shop