Crewe Flyers Constitution

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Membership Pack - Key information for our members

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Crewe Flyers Behaviour Policy

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Parent Code of Conduct

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Swimmer Code of Conduct

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Coach Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct for officials

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Crewe Flyers Membership Form and GDPR Information

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British Swimming

The National governing body for Great Britain, including information about national events and our Olympic, National and Commonwealth Swim squads


The Associated Swimming Association (ASA)

The English national governing body for swimming


Cheshire County Water Polo and Swimming Association

All the information for Cheshire swimming


North Midlands Amateur swimming and water polo association

All the north midlands information


Official Swimming results

All registered gala results as well access to all of your own Personal Best times


Conversion times - Enter your times, select the  "ASA tables" conversion method at  and convert your Long to Short course times (and vice versa)