Who can join Crewe Flyers?

Anyone who has reached ASA level 7 can join the club for further coaching and swim training development.  If you haven’t been swimming under the ASA levels system, level 7 roughly equates to being able to swim 25m in all 4 strokes (Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Front Crawl) and also being able to swim a minimum of 100m in 3 of those strokes.  However, the best option is to contact us to discuss this in more detail and arrange a trial as we don’t expect those 25m to be at Olympic standard to join us!


How often do you train?

This all depends on your ability and the squad that you are assigned to. We have swimmers who swim once a week and those who swim 8-10 times per week.  This will all depend on your ability/ future goals and can be discussed with your coach who will advise further.


How much does it cost?

This varies depending on the number of swimming sessions that you attend per week but for our junior swimmers starting out with 1 swim per week, this equates to a very reasonable cost of just over £5.00 per session (plus annual club and ASA membership fees)


Can I swim in galas?

We are a competitive swimming club and our swimmers enjoy a wide variety of success at County and Regional level with some swimmers attaining National standard.  We would love you to join in with that success and our training programmes are tailored towards being able to compete in these galas. However, if you feel that Galas are not your thing then you don’t have to compete; you will still be very welcome to join and swim with us at the club. 


I do lots of other activities, how will swimming fit with those?

Swimming is a brilliant sport for enhancing performance in your other activities.  Play a woodwind or brass musical instrument?  Increase your lung function and capacity through your swimming where breathing techniques are developed and enhanced.  Football, Cricket, Rugby, Netball, Tennis, Hockey enthusiast? Swimming is a great complimentary sport which will build strength and focus and also maintain physical fitness during “off” seasons in other sports.


I won’t know anyone, how will I fit in?

We are a friendly and welcoming club with a great network of swimmers and supportive parents.  The swimmers all look out for each other and once you are a member of the swimming club you will find that you are never short of the offer of a spare pair of goggles, hat or even t-shirt/swimming costume if you happen to forget/lose yours.  If you are particularly shy, mention this to the Coach who will introduce you to our friendly Club Captains; they will be able to guide you, offer support and answer any questions that you have.